Pasture Raised, No Hormones, No Antibiotics, No Steroids - Just 100% Beef...Straight Off the Ranch!

Hamburger Patties 1/3 lb. (24 pack) ***Labor Day Sale***

***Seasonal Product***

Calling all Grill Masters! We did it. After many family cookouts on the JT2 Beef ranch and great customer feedback, we found the perfect sized hamburger patty. Our 1/3 lb. patties take all the guess work and labor out of making the perfect burger. These patties are just the right size and thick enough to handle even the most discriminating tastes. This perfect sized patty can handle whatever you throw at it, from rare to well done. The taste and texture will deliver, without sacrificing a single ounce of flavor. Each vacuum sealed package contains (3) 1/3 lb. patties, separated by wax paper. By design, all that is required is to thaw, separate, and cook! Feel free to put your favorite seasoning, but understand that these patties are so rich and full of flavor, you may want to cut down or cut out heavy seasoning. The beef flavor is so pure it will stand on its own. Cookouts have never been easier, so invite everyone over and get those juicy 1/3 lb. burgers sizzlin’! Sit back with a smile and watch your loved ones take that first bite into burger heaven. Our patties are guaranteed to contain 100% ranch raised Beef…Straight Off the Ranch!
  • Quick and easy
  • Preformed in 1/3 lb., use what you need freeze the rest
  • Great for small or large family cookouts

What’s inside?

(8) All-Natural vacuum sealed 1 lb packs (24 patties) of ranch raised 1/3 lb.  hamburger patties.

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