May Special: Ground Beef | Sirloin | NY Strip | Beef Sticks

May is Spring time and Spring time is fun time. Break out the grill, invite your friends and family to enjoy our May beef box special. All of the beef for this order was raised on grassy pastures throughout the entire growth process. That is right! Raised local and processed local in our own USDA certified plant. This All-Natural beef is guaranteed to contain NO hormones, NO preservatives, NO fillers, and NO antibiotics. It is also our guarantee that none of the beef was produced, raised, or finished on a feed lot. All of our beef has been locally grown in East Texas and comes straight from our ranch to you.

The contents of this purchase includes a bundle of:

February beef box:

3 lbs Ground Beef
3 Sirloin Steaks
3 NY Strip Steaks
3 Beef Snack Sticks

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