VIP Membership $10/ Month

JT2 Beef speaks for itself. You have a bite and. you can't turn back. We have shipped thousands of Beef Boxes all around the United States, and now we want to do something special for our customers. When you join JT2 VIP you will have access to a few critical things that any beef lover will want.

VIP Membership Includes:

-The only group of people that get the discounts. At the first of each month we will run a deal that is ONLY offered to our VIP Members.

-Special boxes only offered to this group. We will gather feedback from our VIP Members and craft special boxes.

- While we treat all of our customer the best we can, our VIP Members will bump to the front of the line on shipments.

-If there is a situation that includes a beef shortage, our VIP Members will be first in line to order boxes.

-Recipes and creative meal ideas will be shared each month.


VIP Elite Membership $69/Month

You get all the perks of being a VIP Member PLUS you get a box shipped to you each month that contains:

-3 lbs Ranch Raise Ground Beef

-1 Beef Roast

-2 Steaks

Never worry about getting the best beef and the best deals!