Our Partners

Dear Future Partner:

Are you looking for unique products that offer healthy, yet great tasting alternatives to other beef products? Have your customers been demanding a locally raised organic and all-natural product? Imagine, being able to explain the exact ranch (not feed-lot in a region of the US) where the beef you offer comes from! Think of the sales possibilities of building customer loyalty and keep those customers coming back again and again, because they know you have a healthy local beef product with their best interest at heart.

You will be able to quickly outpace your competitors because you will have beef that is great tasting, high quality, healthy, and locally grown. Not to mention, impressing your customers with your direct relationship with the actual grower of the beef. Confidence and first-hand knowledge of your beef products, increases your ability to sell and greatly improves your customer satisfaction, as well as customer retention rates. You will feel great satisfaction bringing your customers back to the “old days” when the beef they purchased was raised on a local Texas ranch with love, care, and pride. Just like the “old days” it is time you have a relationship with the actual grower of your beef products. Think of the impact that level of quality and care could on your business.

We want to work with you! We offer high quality beef…straight off the ranch that is USDA Certified Organic and All Natural. We redefine fresh, because our beef comes straight from the lush pastures on our ranch, to your customer’s plate. You can truly taste the difference. Our flavor signature is unmatched, the texture is unmistakable, and the quality speaks for itself. The steers from our ranch have been hand-selected to provide you with the highest quality beef that has never been treated with hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. Each cut is aged to perfection and vacuum packed with no dyes, preservatives, or fillers.

Is cost a concern for your customers? Well, by buying directly from our ranch (no middle men, packers, etc.) we offer you a higher quality of beef at a great value. We understand value and the need for you to keep volume consistent and steady while to be competitive on price. Our objective is to support you in growing your business by supplying high quality beef at a competitive price with a solid margin. We can appreciate the importance of competitive prices, so it is important for us to work hard each day to deliver that value to you. To win your trust and the trust of your customers we must keep our operation efficient and your purchasing experience as easy as possible. Of course, to execute high quality and value at the same time, it takes an exceptional amount of customer service. You will experience our Texas hospitality with every purchase.

Not just another vendor, we want you to think of us as your business partner. We would love to help you build and market your business by offering a unique USDA Certified Organic All Natural beef product at a great value. By offering our USDA Organic All Natural product, we can assist you in attracting customers straight to your business. We want to work with you to understand your needs and determine the most effective way for you to grow. 

We would love for you to work with our family, so we can provide high quality beef…straight off the ranch and at a great value and service, with a smile. 

Partnering up with JT2 Beef means distributing the highest quality USDA Certified Organic steaks and ground beef we can possibly grow. Contact us today for distribution inquiries!

Our current distributors:

Dallas, TX

meat by the case dallas tx

j2 steakhouse lewisville tx