JT2 Butcher's Pride - GRILL BOSS | Boneless Ribeye | T-Bone | NY Strips | Sirloin | Ground Beef

JT2 Butchers Pride brand beef is top notch! The Grill boss is perfect if you enjoy impressing your friends and family with well marbled steaks at a great value. These steaks are hand cut at the USDA Certified, JT2 Processing facility in East Texas. This great tasting Texas Beef will hit the mark every time. The fine steaks in this box are guaranteed to contain beef graded at upper choice or better. Unlike our JT2 All-Natural brand, we did not personally raise the Butcher's Pride brand beef. However, we package it fresh and send it straight from JT2 to your front door. You will love the juicy flavor, rich marbling and quality of each cut.  

The contents of this purchase includes a bundle of:

Grill Boss Pack:

  • (1) T-Bone (20oz)
  • (2) Boneless Ribeye Steak (12oz)
  • (2) NY Strip Steak (12oz)
  • (4) Sirloin Steak (7.5oz)
  • (2) 1 Pound Packs of Ground Beef

*Weights of steaks are approximate*

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