My Rancher - Every 2 Weeks!

The contents of this recurring monthly purchase includes:
  • Convenient - (9-10 lbs.) variety box will be shipped every 2 weeks.
  • Consistent - Shipments leave every other Monday (holidays may alter).
  • Easy - Your credit card will be billed every other week.
  • Plus - Each shipment will include cowboy snack sticks and/or beef jerky.
  • Plus - Recipe cards and instructions for maximum flavor and delight.
  • Plus - Shipping is included for Free. 


Come be a part of this unique experience. You will be shipped a beef box from our ranch every other week. This exclusive option is guaranteed to contain Beef...Straight Off our Ranch! This offer is designed to provide you with a direct relationship with our family. This relationship entitles you to have exclusive and uninterrupted access to amazing quality and healthy beef shipped directly from the ranch to your door.  No lines, no hassle, just great beef with full transparency. Think of the comfort and confidence that comes with knowing you have a rancher that will make sure your family is taken care of!

By design the boxes will vary, in fact there are 24 different combination of boxes. Most every box will contain staple items such as ground beef and steaks. Periodically, more unique and seasonal items such as cutlets and beef tips will be included. A few times per year you will receive special items such as brisket halves and roast. Snack items such as beef jerky and beef snack sticks will be included when we are able to fit them in the box. Each time you receive a new shipment it will contain a slightly different mix. Think of the fun! For example, one of the boxes you may receive would contain:

Example #1

  • (5) 1lbs.  packs of ground beef
  • (1) 1bs. pack of 1/3 lbs beef patties
  • (1) 16oz bone-in ribeye steak
  • (1) 10oz. sirloin steak
  • (1) 1lbs. pound of beef tips
  • Beef jerky & beef snack sticks

Example #2

  • (6) 1lbs. packs of ground beef
  • (2) 16oz. bone-in ribeye steaks
  • (1) 10oz ribeye
  • (1) 8oz filet mignon
  • Beef Jerky & beef snack sticks

All of the beef you will receive, for this order was raised on grassy pastures throughout the entire growth process. This All-Natural beef is guaranteed to contain NO hormones, NO Preservatives, NO fillers, and NO antibiotics. It is also our guarantee that none of the beef was produced, raised, or finished on a feed lot. In fact, each cut of beef has an origin number (4 digit Electronic Identification Number) on every package linking back to the specific beef steer from the ranch. All of our beef has been locally grown on our JT2 Ranch in East Texas and comes straight from our ranch to you. Our beef is truly beef...straight off the ranch!



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