About us

Our Mission

Our family owned and operated ranch is nestled deep in the green rolling hills of East Texas. The ranch boasts amazing tree lined views with abundant scenery. Everywhere you look you will find lush pastures with cattle lounging under large oaks near abundant picturesque bodies of water all throughout the ranch. The setting captures the imagination by taking you back to open spaces and fresh air. 

JT2 is a privately owned ranch, where our family is involved in the day-to-day operations and activities of the ranch. Our family takes great pride in ensuring you have the opportunity to purchase all-natural beef, straight off the ranch and straight to your door. We are committed to your satisfaction. We are Beef...Straight Off the Ranch!

Our mission is to provide everyone access to all-natural high quality beef at a competitive price. We believe that everyone should have the right to purchase high quality beef, just like in the good ole’ days. The days where you knew the grower, the quality, and specifically where and how the cattle were raised. Back to the days when cattle were raised with care, on grass, in a stress free all-natural environment, not mass-produced or or enhanced. We guarantee that by purchasing our beef it never comes from a feed lot, foreign, or unknown source. Instead, our all-natural beef comes straight off the ranch, from our family to you.

Our Ranch

Our cattle enjoy large plush improved pastures with scenic tree-lined views. In fact, the distance between the southernmost and northernmost borders of the ranch is a little over 3 miles. The ranch is divided into 39 different pastures. Each pasture consists of surface water and fresh water, piped through miles of water lines. Our cattle are contained by miles of cross-fencing to provide the cows with access to open grazing in a rotational fashion, year round. Our beef is always on the grass. We believe maintaining high quality grass is the utmost importance for raising the highest quality all-natural beef. Additionally, our cross-fencing configuration, allows us to easily move cattle from pasture-to-pasture with great efficiency and minimal stress levels to our cattle. Our state of the art facilities and processes, help us manage large herds with minimal resources, while raising top quality all-natural Texas beef. 

Our Standards

Our beef comes straight off the ranch to you! Our cattle are grown on lush shady pastures, as cattle were meant to be raised. Our beef offers; All-natural, NO feedlots, NO antibiotics, NO growth hormones, and NO preservatives. This high quality beef is raised, processed, and packaged locally at our very own USDA inspected JT2 Pack Processing facility to give you a great tasting healthy alternative.

Our Process

We maintain the highest standards of care in the life cycle of our cattle. Our approach encompasses a detailed process, insuring the highest quality beef at the best value. We believe that by maintaining a focus solely on beef cattle, you receive the highest quality product. We only raise and sell all-natural beef on the grass so we devote our time and resources to high quality cattle care. This singular focus allows us to excel at raising the highest quality cattle and gives you the highest quality beef for your family.

At JT2, you will only find all-natural beef. Our cattle are on the grass at all times while supplemented with small rations of an all-natural protein supplement. Rarely, do you hear about or see the actual cattle themselves. Instead, you're forced to hope or assume the beef you're consuming is from a quality animal. You don’t have to hope or assume any longer! We are very proud of our cattle and want to show you the cattle we raise. We believe that the quality of the cattle is what makes the quality of the beef you eat! On each package of JT2 Beef you will find a 4-digit Electronic Identification Number that matches the very cow the package was harvested. Traceability of each product gives you the confidence of the quality that comes from each package. That difference is what sets us apart. We hope you appreciate our transparent process and that it will give you confidence that when you purchase your beef from us, you're purchasing high quality beef straight off the ranch. I fact, we invite you to come visit our ranch to see for yourself.

Your Benefits

Our cattle are never exposed or processed at a feed lot, but instead are gently raised on our loving ranch. When cows live like cows, they taste better. This unique process provides health benefits from being grass-fed, while producing rich flavor and marbling for high satisfaction. You can taste the difference! Try it and you will be hooked. The cuts are tender because our process allows us to capitalize on a younger more tender animal. Our calves are typically processed around 18-20 months. A combination of our process, plush pastures, and great care creates a healthy great tasting cut of all-natural beef at a competitive price. Better beef at a better price! 

Your Life Style

We offer a number of beef packages to suit your life-style. Our desire is to provide you with high quality beef at a competitive price, but we also want to make it easy for you to purchase beef. You have the option of purchasing and shipping anywhere in the U.S. predetermined our beef boxes or you may visit our Lindale, TX restaurant location and choose individual cuts. IF you are near Tyler, TX we offer a beef box pick up location at our processing facility.

Recurring Orders

Many of our long-time customers take advantage of our easy to use and convenient option of creating a Recurring Order. At the check out page select the frequency you want your beef and it will be shipped to you automatically (or you can pick up at the Lindale, TX location or the processing plant in Tyler, TX. . No more going to the grocery store, your beef straight off the ranch...will come to you. For additional details, please refer to the product pages of this site. Our dedicated and experienced staff is committed to providing high quality at a great value, and in an easy and efficient manner. Whether you are looking to cook on the grill for a party or find a healthy all-natural source to purchase beef for your family, we would love to serve you!