Shipping Made Easy

We make purchasing all-natural beef…straight off the ranch easier through our direct shipping program. UPS is our preferred shipping partner. Because we are located in East Texas (middle of the United States) we are able to easily and efficiently ship our high-quality Texas beef straight to you in a timely and cost-effective manner. In fact, through UPS ground shipping your beef can be at your doorstep within 3 business days or less. Parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana will receive beef within 1 business day.  UPS ground shipping provides you with significant savings over other shipping methods. We require shipping to consume 3 business days or less to ensure the highest quality of product.

Shipping Method

All of our USDA certified all-natural beef products are vacuum packed and sealed. This durable sealing and packaging technique ensures that your purchase will stay fresh and protected during the journey. The frozen individual cuts of beef are assembled into a sturdy cardboard box that is lined with a special fit Styrofoam liner. The liner is approximately 1.5” – 2” thick and helps to keep temperatures in an ideal state during the shipping process. To keep the beef at the most desirable temperature dry ice is utilized during the shipping process. The amount of dry ice utilize will vary depending on the size and volume of the package you purchased. Typically, dry ice evaporates at a rate of approximately 5 lbs. per day. The evaporation time may vary depending on the size of the box and the number of beef cuts contained in the box. The appropriate amount of dry ice is inserted into the package, the package is bound and labeled, then shipped on the same day it is prepared.   

Shipping Options

Several shipping options are conveniently provided for you at the end of the purchasing process. It is recommended to use UPS ground, as it is the most cost-effective method for shipping. UPS ground will ship your beef in 3 business days or less in most of the United States. However, there are a few states where UPS ground will not ship in 3 business days. The exceptions are Nevada, Oregon, Washington, New York, Maine, and a few small areas in California, Idaho, and Montana. If you require shipping to one or all of the areas listed as an exception, we recommend that you select another option for shipping such as guaranteed 2 day or next day. These options are conveniently provided for you on the shipping page toward the end of the purchasing process. Note: any option other than UPS ground may increase the cost of shipping your all-natural beef. Be sure to select the option that best meets your time frame as well as your budget.

Shipping Schedule

***Please note: Due to high volume, orders will be fulfilled Monday mornings in the order in which they are received. Choosing a more expensive shipping option only reflects the actual shipping time and not the fulfillment time.***

Orders are typically fulfilled and shipped in the early part of the week (Monday). We want to make sure your package arrives with no delays. Shipping early in the week helps to minimize the risk of a package not reaching your doorstep in the stated time frame. As many areas do not deliver or operate on weekends. By simply providing the desired address and payment information your beef purchase will be shipped to your desired location. To make the purchasing process more convenient for you your shipping address and information may be saved to make follow-up orders seamless.