General Questions:

Q: How will my beef arrive unspoiled?

A: All our beef boxes are meticulously packaged in a custom foam container with a safety-wrapped dry ice pack. Upon delivery, your meat will be completely frozen, ensuring its freshness. States further from our location in East Texas may experience varying levels of thaw based on the distance from the original location. All packages are vacuum sealed and protected. Simply unpack and transfer it to your freezer or refrigerator.

Recurring Order Questions:

Q: How can I change the settings for my Natural Beef Box subscription?

A: Once your Beef Box recurring subscription is active, log in to your account to have complete control. Adjust the frequency of deliveries, swap products, update your shipping address, or make any necessary changes. You also have the flexibility to pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

Shipping Questions:

Q: How long will it take to receive my beef once I've ordered?

A: Due to high demand, your beef box will be fulfilled in the order it was received. Please note that choosing a faster shipping option impacts the shipping time, not the fulfillment time. Orders are shipped earlier in the week (Monday-Wednesday) to ensure safe delivery, as carriers do not deliver over the weekends. Refer to our shipping chart for UPS delivery times.

Q: What if the carrier is delayed, and my beef arrives spoiled?

A: We confirm the delivery date, and if the carrier is responsible for a delay leading to spoilage, we'll either refund your order or promptly send you a fresh box. Your satisfaction is our priority.