Our Story

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Embrace the Tradition of Farm-to-Table with JT2 Beef

Back in a time when agriculture was deeply ingrained in our society, the concept of Farm to Table wasn't just a buzzword; it was the standard. Fast forward to today, and the accessibility of ranch-raised beef has become a premium and elusive commodity for many. At JT2 Beef, we set out to change that narrative.

Our family-owned and operated ranch, rooted in the heart of East Texas, was founded on the principles of bringing back the traditional Farm-to-Table way of enjoying quality, all-natural meat. We believe that everyone should have affordable access to high-quality pasture-raised beef, just like in the old days.

Why JT2 Beef?

We want to be synonymous with fresh beef and evoke memories of the old days when the connection between ranch and table was unbroken. By sourcing directly from East Texas, we deliver higher quality at great value. Our commitment to competitive prices reflects our dedication to providing you with exceptional value every day.

At JT2 Beef, we aim to replace your grocery store beef purchases, earning your trust through ease of purchase, outstanding customer service and unmatched quality. Our Texas hospitality shines through with every interaction, ensuring your experience is as exceptional as our beef. Join us in rekindling the tradition of Farm-to-Table, where quality, value, and service converge in every cut we deliver to your table. 

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