Our Story

JT2 Beef Family Picture

Many years ago, agriculture was woven into the fabric of our society. Raising cattle and growing food was a way of life for most people. In fact, the concept of Farm to Table was not just a buzz word it was the standard. That was a different era, today most people do not have affordable access to ranch raised beef. Instead of Farm to Table being the standard it is priced at a premium and often difficult to find. 

We started JT2 Beef to bring back the traditional Farm-to-Table way of eating quality all-natural meat. Our family owned and operated ranch takes great pride and care in brining you high quality beef…straight off the ranch to your doorstep, just like the old days. We want all people to have access to high quality pasture raised beef, so we built our ranch on quality, value, and service.

Because our beef comes straight from the lush pastures on our East Texas ranch, you can truly taste the difference. Our flavor signature is unmatched and the texture is unmistakable. The steers from our ranch have been hand selected to provide you with the highest quality steak, ground beef, ribs, and beef cuts that have never been treated with hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. Each cut of beef is aged 12-14 days and vacuum packed with no dyes, preservatives, or fillers.

When you think of fresh beef we want you to think of us and of the old days. Our steers go directly from the grass on our ranch to you. By buying directly from the ranch we offer you a higher quality of beef at a great value. You can appreciate the importance of competitive prices, so it is important for us to work hard each day to deliver that value to you. 

Our desire is to replace your grocery store beef purchases. To win your trust, we must keep our operation efficient and your purchasing experience as easy as possible. Of course, to execute high quality and value at the same time, it takes an exceptional amount of customer service. You will experience our Texas hospitality with every purchase.