Our Beef

Welcome to JT2 Beef: Where Quality Is Home-Grown!

At JT2 Beef, our mission is simple: to provide individuals like you with access to all-natural, pasture-raised beef that's free from hormones, antibiotics, and steroids. We are dedicated to ensuring that our cattle lead happy, stress-free lives, and we achieve this by controlling every aspect of their upbringing right here on the JT2 Ranch.

Why JT2 Beef Stands Out:

Our commitment to quality starts with the source. Our beef comes straight from the lush green pastures of East Texas, ensuring a genuine farm-to-table experience. 

Our cattle spend their time right here in the plush, green, beautiful hills of East Texas. The cattle experience the benefits of the warm, green, grassy climate traditional to East Texas.

Our cows thrive on a primarily grass-based diet, supplemented with about 2% Certified all-natural grains. This balance ensures their well-being and contributes to the exceptional taste of our beef.

We take pride in the fact that our cattle are never exposed to growth hormones, antibiotics, or steroids. Our beef is free from preservatives before packaging, maintaining its natural integrity.

Ready to Experience the JT2 Difference?

Shop our beef boxes and indulge in the true taste of pasture-raised, all-natural beef. The JT2 difference is unmistakable and delivers unparalleled quality to your table.

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