Our Beef

We started JT2 Beef with one thing in mind. We wanted to offer folks like you a way of getting all-natural and pasture raised beef, with NO hormones, antibiotics, or steroids. We also wanted to fully control how our cattle are raised to ensure they have the happiest and most stress-free life possible.

That's why we don't source our beef out, but instead we raise it right here on the JT2 Ranch in lush green pastures. Our cattle are always 100% pasture raised and never in a feedlot or CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation) environment.  

It's Beef...Straight Off The Ranch!

Pasture Raised

Our beef is 100% pasture raised and our cattle are on the grass at all times. We have a multi-pasture ranch with lush grasses, more than enough room to graze, and each pasture has plenty of shade, fresh water provided, and at least one lake or pond for access. Our cows can get a drink, cool off, and take a dip whenever they feel like it. 


Our cows enjoy primarily a lush grass diet, supplemented with about 2% Certified all-natural grains. 

Drugs & Hormones

Our cattle never consume or are administered growth hormones, antibiotics, or steroids. Our beef also does NOT contain any preservatives before packaging.


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