All ground beef is different. Imagine the best, mouth watering burger you've had... that's what you get when your ground beef comes from the same ranch every time in East Texas. We don't aggregate our beef, we are one family raising the best beef in the country.


Ground Beef Bundle | 10 lbs. Ranch Raised Ground Beef

Whether it's a burger, stew, or dish... your ground beef is going to create the meal everyone craves!  

Sometimes the smell of ground beef browning in a skillet is all you need to bring family together. Also, our Ground Beef Pack is guaranteed to contain 100% ranch raised ground beef…Straight Off the Ranch! When our all-natural ground beef hits your tongue, it’s juicy one-of kind texture will leave you wondering why all ground beef doesn’t melt in your mouth the way ours does. Our Standard Blend ground beef is a mix of perfectly aged beef with unforgettable texture. It will consistently delight you with a wide array of dishes from juicy burgers, flavorful spaghetti, to taco nights that your family will look forward to every week. 

  • Shrinks less than other ground products
  • One of our best sellers
  • Great for many dishes

What’s inside?

(10) All-Natural individually vacuum packed 1 lb. packs of ranch raised  ground beef.

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