Half Steer


Discover the Ultimate in All-Natural Beef: Bulk Half Steer Option!

For those seeking a bounty of All-Natural Beef, our bulk half steer option is tailor-made for you. Breaking down to approximately 200 lbs. of premium beef, this option offers a diverse selection to elevate your culinary experience.

Your Bulk Half Steer Includes Approximately:

Ground Beef: (125) 1 lb packs

Sirloin Steaks: (15) 10 oz cuts

Filet: (6) 8 oz packs

Ribeye: (12) bone-in cuts, approximately 16 oz each

NY Strips: (11) 10 oz cuts

Roasts: (2) 4-5 lbs each

Brisket: (2) ½ briskets, 4-6lbs total

Round Steak (Cutlets): (19) pieces, (2) 8 oz tenderized cutlets per 1 lb package

Flank/Skirt/Bavette: 2-3 lbs


Experience the convenience and quality of All-Natural Beef straight from East Texas to your table. Make a lasting impact on your meals with our bulk half steer option, offering a diverse array of cuts for all your culinary creations!

From our ranch to your table: Uncompromised quality and value.

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