Pick - Bone-In Ribeye


Indulge in Bold Flavor with Our Big Family-Sized Bone-In Ribeye Steaks!

Our big, family-sized bone-in ribeye steaks are a grilling sensation, delivering a symphony of bold steak flavors perfect for outdoor grilling! These steaks boast a soft, juicy texture, a balanced marbling ratio and that distinctive JT2 Beef aged steak taste we all love and crave. It's no wonder these bone-in ribeye's are among our best sellers.

What makes our Bone-In Ribeye steaks exceptional?

  • Higher marbling to beef content for an indulgent experience.
  • Perfect for full-sized meals, catering to your biggest eaters.
  • Unmistakable aged and ranch-raised flavor, straight off the ranch—where you can taste the difference!

What’s Inside?

(2) All-Natural individually vacuum-packed bone-in ribeye steaks approximately 16oz. each


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