Steak Elite

The Steak Elite is guaranteed to contain Beef...Straight Off the Ranch! All of the beef for this order was raised on grassy pastures throughout the entire growth process. This All-Natural beef aged for 12-14 days and is guaranteed to contain NO hormones, NO Preservatives, NO fillers, and NO antibiotics. In fact, each cut of beef is a ONE sourched animal where you can trace back each package contense to the exact animal of origin. This ensures that your beef comes only from our ranch and is not mixed with other cows or products. Single source tracing can be seen by observing on each package the origin number (EIN or Electronic Identification Number) that is specific to the beef steer where the product originated.All of our beef has been locally grown in East Texas and comes straight from our ranch to you. Our beef is truly beef...straight off the ranch!

The contents of this purchase includesa combination of:

  • (6) All-Natural premium steaks such as a Bone in Ribeye, NY Strip Steak, or Sirloin Steak.
  • (1) All-Natural individually vacuum packed 1 lb. packs of ground beef.
  • (1) All-Natural individually vacuum packed ranch raised filet mignon steaks (beef tenderloin).

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