Best of the Best

July 24, 2017

Best of the Best

The first thing to look for when buying grass fed beef on line is the quality of cattle being produced. The higher the quality the better the beef. Jt2beef has an entire selection process of sorting cattle to ensure that only the best make it to your table.The fact is that most of our calves don't make it to your table.

Our process begins by raising only high quality East Texas #1s. That means high quality cattle that have been bread to thrive in our East Texas environment. Once the steers gain around 800 lbs. we separate the best of the best. All our cattle are high quality but, we keep and finish out only the best of the best. These cattle have never been exposed to hormones or antibiotics. The remaining cattle are shipped to feed yards all over the country.

Do you know where your beef comes from? Is it the best of the best? If not order JT2beef, all we have is high quality.



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