Let it Rain!

August 15, 2017

Let it Rain!

Each area of the country experiences different weather patterns at different times of the year. From a ranching viewpoint the weather and weather patterns are critical to healthy growth of our cattle. It is early August and normally the weather is hot and very few if any days of rain fall to replenish the grassy pastures. Because of the limited rainfall, in most years during this time of the year the grass begins to "back up." This means the fresh green foliage slows to a halt and you will start to notice the grass turning pale green to slight yellow color. Most likely, you have never noticed or considered this traditional weather cycle. But for the cattle that means the grass no longer carries the heavy nutrients or protein content necessary for strong weight gains. Therefore, the cattle's natural weight gain begins to slow in comparison to the late Spring or early Summer time frame.

However, this summer has been very different from norm in East Texas. The weather has been hot but the rainfall has been abundant so the temperatures have stayed out of the low 100 degree range. In fact, this August we have been very blessed with a rain shower once to twice a week. From the cattle's perspective rain means the grass is green, thick, and lush. This is especially good for our operation because our cattle are on the grass at all times. We produce pride ourselves on producing all-natural pastured raised beef with no antibiotics or hormones and we bring it right to your front door.and high-quality hay to sell to the public. When we are blessed with this type of weather this late into the summer, it really helps us grow our cattle to create a great product for you..

In our business, the weather and climate make a big difference. Here at JT2 Beef we feel very blessed that the good Lord is letting it rain! Stop by, we would love to show you our nice thick grass - in August! That is pleasantly rare. Let it rain!!!      


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