Cooking Idea

March 02, 2017

Cooking Idea

One of the challenges when cooking lean beef is to keep it moist when someone wants a burger or steak cooked medium well. As with any beef overcooking can dry it and reduce the tenderness and flavor. But with lean JT2 beef, overcooking can occur with lower internal temperatures so it is very easy to dry your culinary creation. Well done beef can create a challenge for any grill master or back yard chef because there is typically less fat content in lean beef so lower internal temperatures can dry the beef sooner.

A simple idea is to use a spice glaze. Instead of preparing your steak or burger with dry spices try a glaze instead. The idea is to mix the spices of your choice with olive oil (can also use vegetable oil as a substitute). Mix completely then brush the spice glaze over the burger or steak before and during the cooking process. I used garlic salt, McCormick's steak seasoning, and a touch of Cajun spice for a little kick (that is the Texan in me).

By applying the spices in a glaze you can reduce the drying, add back some moisture through the olive oil, and hopefully lock in some natural juices. Enjoy the grill!

We would love to hear your favorite mix of spices! Will you share? 

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