How important is the grass?

April 07, 2017

How important is the grass?

Do you ever think about grass when you are buying all-natural beef online? Most likely the thought never crossed your mind. Most thoughts are of cooking the delicious beef, seasoning the steaks just right, grill or pan fried…but you know to get quality on the plate it takes good healthy grass. Think about it, you spend time searching for quality ingredients in your dishes because it greatly effects the flavor and your health. That is what you eat, then it is important to be sure the cattle have good healthy food as well.

To make sure our cattle are the highest quality we believe it is important to take care of the grass to the best of our ability. In a sense, you take care of the grass the grass will take care of the cattle. So to grow the best beef, we must treat the grass like a lawn. To keep the grass in top notch shape we have found great tools to assist us.

Pictured here is call an “aerway.” You can learn more about it at But at a high level the machines job is to split the roots in half and loosen up the ground to spur additional root growth. Additionally, by making incisions in the grass the roots are multiplied while much needed water, oxygen and nutrients are able to directly reach the root system. We do this process in the very early spring before the summer grass grows, notice how the spring grass is just starting. There are studies that show this process increases the grass yield/quality by 30%. This process will really show results in about 2-3 months. Most importantly the cattle love the final grass product, their home is full of lush thick green pastures with plenty of forage to consume.

 Healthy cattle mean healthy beef!

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