Skills Stand Out

April 11, 2017

Skills Stand Out

People often ask what is it like working on a ranch? Most assume that the majority of time is spend on horseback, whistling at cattle, roping whatever moves and branding with the use of an open flame. That all sounds romantic but in today's world cowboys need to be well versed in many aspects of ranching life.

At we build our own fences, barns and most facilities with our cowboys. Therefore, our cowboys are very good at many things in addition to riding a horse. This picture shows Terry (one of our cowboys) on a John Deere 323E skid loader working on the dirt prep for a new barn. The skid loader is quite a versatile machine, you can learn more from our friends at Austin Turf & Tractor ( But no matter how good the equipment is, it is only as good as the operator. It takes quite a bit of skill and experience to get the grade just right and properly prep the dirt for a solid barn foundation.

Having nice facilities, provide the best opportunity for our steers to be happy and healthy. Therefore, our cowboys work hard using their skills to bring you the best beef possible, all about the details and the skill to make it happen. Next time you are purchasing beef online remember all of the skills it takes to grow a top notch steer.  

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