Taking DIY to the Next Level

April 25, 2017

Taking DIY to the Next Level

Raising great quality beef for you to buy online is our mission. To accomplish that mission we have learned a few lessons. One of the primary lessons that helps us keep quality high and costs down is to do projects ourselves.

This DIY (do it yourself) approach has become very popular. In fact, there are websites and even TV channels devoted to teaching individuals how to do it yourself. A popular website is: (www.diynetwork.com ). Our approach goes way beyond saving a few bucks. Most construction companies, welders, etc. will mark up materials 100% to cover their costs. In order to have top notch facilities while still providing great value for our grass fed beef online we take on the challenge of the task. This approach will save you money by allowing us to operate on a lesser budget with out sacrificing the quality when you buy beef steaks online.

Pictured here is our oldest son, he is creating a platform that will be used to construct a barn. He is a pretty talented welder as a teenager! Not bad to have good skills as a young man. The platform will lift a man into the air so that he can weld trusses and roof supports for barns that may be as high as 30 feet. These barns help us provide you with high quality beef straight off the ranch...

Are you in the middle of a DYI project? I would love to hear about what you are working on. 

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