The Stampede

April 17, 2017

The Stampede

Have you ever watched an old western? Maybe your favorite is the Lone Ranger or John Wayne. In many of the western films there is an action sequence where the cattle "stampede." Basically, the cattle get spooked by something and they run as a heard with complete disregard to what they are running through or over. It is often one of the most exiting parts of the western movie but the most dangerous for the people and the cattle as well.

Of course Hollywood tends to sensationalize the stampede but part of the stampede is true, cattle can get spooked and at times can take off. Most often not quite as exciting as the movies but to raise the best grass fed beef online with small amounts of grain added for flavor and marbling we want to minimize getting the cattle excited and possibly injuring themselves. There are many things that can excite cattle; sounds, motion from tractors, trucks, side by sides, etc. Sometimes they are not concerned with a vehicle but instead get spooked when a person gets out of a vehicle and is moving around. In order to manage our cattle better we install cattle guards (pictured here) where possible. This ensures vehicles and equipment can pass by the cattle with minimal disruption.

A cattle guard provides an opening to the fence where the cattle can not get through, but a vehicle has the ability to drive right over without stopping. We have found that when you are looking for where to buy grass fed beef the little things can make a huge difference in the final quality of the beef. Something as simple as smooth flow from pasture to pasture with minimal interruption to the calves creates a more sustainable environment for the steers themselves. Of course all that extra attention to detail makes for buying better better beef steaks online. Just think you don't even have to worry about leaving the gate open.

What is your favorite western? Mine is anything John Wayne (

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