Cooking Beef Short Ribs

August 24, 2017

Cooking Beef Short Ribs

A question frequently asked: Are beef short ribs cooked like pork ribs? The direct answer is yes, but maybe no. It depends on the style of dish you are working towards. Pork ribs are typically seen as a barbecue dish. Whereas beef short ribs can be more versatile. For example, the beef short rib is a staple in Mediterranean menu because if cooked correctly, the beef short ribs can hold the bold flavors and spices to serve as the main dish. I prefer to smoke ribs, long and slow. If you are new to smoking beef, I would recommend a pellet smoker.I use the Smoke Pro ( It keeps the temperature even over long periods of time, it is very easy to use and requires very effort. You simply put the wood pellets in the hopper and let it do it's job. Very simple and very good. This is great for the beginner, or even the seasoned pro that does not want to attend to the fire for long periods of time.

The rib cut on a steer typically starts out as tough and a bit more fatty than most other cuts. But after a long smoke, it becomes very rich with flavor and very tender. Other names for this cut may be seen as; braising ribs, crosscut ribs, or English short ribs. Now, seeing how JT2 Beef is in East Texas we tend to prepare our dishes in a more barbecue style. So I will share an easy receipt to create a tender rack of beef ribs. From a spice stand point, I recommend using either a good blend of spices you create (there are many dry mixes online) or a purchased mix that match the flavor you want to create. The spices are important to the flavor, and add a little spice but if cooked properly a good cut of beef short ribs will have rich flavor with even a simple mix of salt and pepper. So the focus is on the smoking! 

1. Thaw the beef short ribs (from JT2, beef...straight off the ranch) to room temperature

2. Glaze with yellow mustard, to add that tangy Kansas flair (optional)

3. Apply your spice rub and make sure it is mixed into the beef short ribs evenly

3. Wrap in foil - smoke for 1 hour on "high smoke" 180 degrees

4. Turn up the heat to 225-250 degrees for about 4 - 5 hours, the bigger the cut the longer the smoke

5. Add your favorite barbecue sauce, cook for 10 minutes, then let it sit for 5-10 minutes and serve.

You will find the difficult part will be getting the beef short ribs out of the foil with out them falling apart. They will be very tender and full of flavor. Cut back the undesired fat and serve as a rib or much like pulled pork. Enjoy!

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